Habs’ Youppi! dons Rangers jersey after bet

Bad enough that the Montreal Canadiens lost to the New York Rangers in the Conference Finals, but to also lose a bet to Jimmy Fallon? Youppi! took the loss particularly hard.

Montreal Canadiens mascot Youppi! is owning up to his end of a losing wager to Jimmy Fallon.

The Habs made a bet with The Tonight Show host via Twitter prior to the start of the Eastern Conference final. If Montreal had won the best-of-seven series against the New York Rangers, Fallon would have to wear a Canadiens jersey during a monologue on his show.

However, after Montreal fell in six games, the Canadiens were forced to change their Twitter avatar to a picture of Fallon’s choosing — Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist shredding on the guitar — and the team’s mascot Youppi! would have to wear a Rangers jersey in 10 photos around Montreal.

The Canadiens’ Twitter account started posted the pictures Sunday and Youppi! doesn’t look like a happy camper.

Cheer up, Youppi!, the 2014-15 season is only 129 days away.