O’Reilly responds to dad’s letter, apologizes

Restricted free agent holdout and coveted trade bait Ryan O’Reilly says he had no clue his father was going to email The Denver Post regarding his contract standoff with the Colorado Avalanche.

The unsigned centreman tweeted the following Friday:

In a lengthy email to Post writer Adrian Dater, published Tuesday, Brian O’Reilly, Ryan’s dad, responded to a Post reader who wanted to know more about the player’s situation with the Avalanche.

“This is not about money and never has been. As you know you don’t build team based on dollars. If you did then the people with the most expensive players would be our champion. You build a team on its character. Ryan is not a superstar based on skill but character. I know this for a fact the players he was yesterday will not be the player he was tomorrow he will continue to grow learn and thrive. The world values it less and less, yet everyone is looking for those players that eat sleep and drink the game and are unselfish plus compete because they are intrinsically motivated for excellence,” Brian O’Reilly wrote in part.

“So when I looked at the Colorado Avalanche and the negotiations l see well-prepared agent, Willing to negotiate but an organization that does not look at the necessity of character. They can pick their players anyway they choose to and it’s none of my business or my son’s business.”

Talks between the 22-year-old O’Reilly, who scored 55 points last season, and the Avalanche have reportedly broken off for good. The forward is currently being shopped for trade.