Akim Aliu to discuss hockey’s cultural problems with NHL next week


Former NHL player Akim Aliu during his time with the Calgary Flames. (Bill Smith/Getty)

According to a source close to Akim Aliu, the former Calgary Flames forward will be meeting with the NHL next week to discuss “the cultural problems in hockey.”

Aliu this week revealed that Bill Peters, his coach in Rockford of the American Hockey League, had dropped racist language in a dressing tirade back in the then-prospect’s rookie pro season of 2009-10. Teammates in Rockford verified Aliu’s account of the incident. Michal Jordan then revealed his experiences with Peters’ physical abuse of him from his position behind the bench.

After the Calgary Flames suspended Peters pending an investigation into the matter, followed by a letter of apology from the Peters to management, he resigned Friday from his job as head coach of the Flames.

According to the source, Aliu considered Peters’ resignation “just a window into the problems in hockey [with this being] about the recognition of one guy.” And as the source described it, Aliu has his mind set on “fundamental change [that] will address the problems of racism and all forms of abuse in hockey.”

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