Ranking the top goal songs in the NHL

P.K. Subban was a headline magnet in Montreal—right up until the Habs traded him to Nashville. (Ryan Remiorz/CP).

As a hockey fan, there is no greater moment than when your team scores. The lamp glows red, the horn blares, the crowd erupts, the beer sloshes out of your cup a bit, and the music shakes.

But it’s that last part—the arena’s song selection—that can enhance or hinder the euphoria.

Inspired by this fun goal-horn site, we decided to research and rank all 30 teams’ goal songs, many of which are brand spankin’ new for 2014–15.

Below you can hear Nos. 15-30. Click here for Nos. 1-14.


30. Colorado Avalanche
“Rock and Roll, Part 2” by Gary Glitter

You’ve heard this classic a million times, but “Rock and Roll, Part 2” (better known as the “Hey” song) made its debut at a Kalamazoo Wings hockey game in 1974, when it was selected by PR and marketing director Kevin O’Brien. When O’Brien got hired by the Colorado Rockies in 1976, the song came with him—and it travelled to New Jersey when the Rockies became the Devils. Denver’s Nuggets and Broncos also carried on the tradition, bringing the sports anthem to the NBA and NFL.

So, Colorado continues to use the song despite Glitter’s conviction on child sexual abuse charges in Vietnam in 2006—the impetus for a handful of other teams finding a replacement tune and the reason we’re giving it an unflattering ranking.

29. San Jose Sharks
“Rock and Roll, Part 2 (Organ Version)″ by Gary Glitter

The Sharks, too, jumped on the Glitter bandwagon early, gave it an organ twist, and never looked back — sort of. San Jose has been using “Rock and Roll, Part 2” since the franchise’s inception in 1991, save for a blip in 2006-07. That season the club switched to Green Day’s “Holiday,” but reverted back to Glitter, our readers tell us, due to fan familiarity.

We’ll give the Sharks’ version a slight nod over the Avs because today’s hockey rinks need more organ.

28. Vancouver Canucks
“The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)” by U2

To do a Twitter search for the Canucks’ new goal song is to scroll through a feed of vitriol. “The Canucks couldn’t afford a goal song so they got the free U2 song,” reads one of the more polite responses.

27. Buffalo Sabres
“The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)” by U2

The Sabres lose points for picking the same song as the Vancouver Canucks, but they win points for ditching Blur’s well-worn “Song 2.” 

26. Carolina Hurricanes
“Song 2 (with a dose of Ric Flair)” by Blur

This meddled-with version of “Song 2” mixes Blur’s woo-hoos with grappling legend Ric Flair screaming, “That’s a Carolina Hurricanes goal! Woo! Woo! Woo!” Wrestling is popular in North Carolina, Flair’s home state, but the execution is a little messy.

25. Pittsburgh Penguins
“Kernkraft 400” by Zombie Nation

The Penguins used to whip out “Song 2,” but made the switch this season because “Kernkraft” is familiar and gets the people goin’. The Pens say the switch was a “collective marketing decision.” They lose marks, however, because it’s also the Bruins’ goal song. They should’ve put their own Penguins twist on it, like having Morgan Freeman narrate the lyrics.

24. New Jersey Devils
“Devils Rule” by Rich Andruska

As part of the Glitter revolt and because Jersey fans were chanting “You suck!” in the middle of it, the Devils switched their celebratory tune a few times recently, including to the short-lived “This Is Our House” by Jersey’s Bon Jovi and the White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army”—a fine tune but one also being used by the Senators at the time. The club started fresh this season, with Andruska’s original jam, which is essentially a “Rock and Roll, Part 2” knockoff.

23. New York Islanders
“Crowd Chant” by Joe Satriani

The “one other” team to use Satriani (more on that later), New York jacked the anthem from Minnesota in 2011. “It was an organizational vote,” says PR director Kimber Auerbach. “Players were the final vote and liked it.”

Guess who also liked it? That’s right. Frank and Melody Catalano, who used it for their wedding entrance. Amazing:

22. Philadelphia Flyers
“Booyah” by Showtek ft. We Are Loud & Sonny Wilson

Chosen by team captain Claude Giroux, the very dancey “Booyah” replaces last season’s “Light Em Up” by Fall Out Boy. Fun fact: Giroux liked his own choice so much, he was the first Flyer to set off the new goal song’s reign, scoring on the power play during the home opener.

21. Ottawa Senators
“Break Away” by CFO$

The Senators’ new song for this season replaces last year’s “Wake Me Up,” by Avicii. “The idea came from a member of our content group, who shared the song with our DJ,” communications director Brian Morris says. “From there it went through the regular channels of game presentation.”

If the Sens endure a scoring slump, don’t fret—you can also hear the song in the WWE. It’s wrestler Adam Rose’s entrance music.

20. Los Angeles Kings
“Power Ride” by Fred Coury

This original composition was written by Coury, who went back and forth with the Kings to fine-tune a custom goal song for the club. “Power Ride” made its debut in the 2009–10 season. “We wanted something unique and special to our team,” says Danny Zollars, the VP of game entertainment. “We had been using ‘Rock and Roll, Part 2’ and found that to be too obvious. We like being different and, being in L.A., we had a large group of composers to choose from. The new song didn’t catch on at first, but it’s now sung by all 18,000 fans after each and every goal.”

19. Winnipeg Jets
“Hell Yeah” by Rev Theory

Game production director Kyle Balharry liked the song when it was released in 2008 and had used it previously for a Manitoba Moose playoff intro, to rave response. The new Jets adopted it for their 2011 home opener and haven’t looked back.

“Powerful, great lyrics, has a chant in it—hey, hey, hey—and memorable,” says Scott Brown, True North Sports & Entertainment’s senior director of corporate communications. “Our fans love it.”

18. Edmonton Oilers
“Stadium Love” by Metric

The Oilers put the goal-song question to their fans this summer and tested the top four candidates—as picked by game day director Rich Meyers—out in pre-season. “Stadium Love,” a nice piece of CanCon that had been previously used to promote the Toronto Blue Jays, was the best fit.

“It has a solid drum lead-in, and some crowd call-and-response elements—with the woo!s,” says VP of communications Tim Shipton. “The fact that they are a Canadian band is a bonus.”

17. Tampa Bay Lightning
“Fluxland” by XL

This list needed more J-pop! XL’s addictive sports chant was chosen by Tampa’s game operations department. More important, it was also included on the second volume of Chris Sheppard’s Pirate Radio Sessions dance mix series.

There is an exception, however: If captain Steven Stamkos scores (as is his wont), Tampa plays “U Can’t Touch This” instead. Note: Hammer rhymes with Stammer. This tradition has been going on for five years.

16. Toronto Maple Leafs
“Let’s Shake” by Teenage Head

As with all Leafs decisions, 2014–15’s new goal song has drawn its share of both hate and love. “Let’s Shake” is fun and catchy and original—a massive improvement from that other “Shake” (Harlem) the Leafs used to celebrate to, no question. A grower, as the kids say.

Much like the Leafs’ bottom six, the role of goal song was up for grabs heading into this season. The team tried out a few candidates during the pre-season, including American Authors’ “Best Day of My Life (Remix),” and didn’t settle on the Teenage Head tune until their fifth home game, a victory on Oct. 25, when the home team hung four goals on the rival Bruins.

“Let’s Shake” was chosen though a collaborative process between MLSE’s game presentation, creative services and marketing departments. “Teenage Head is a popular ’80s punk band from Hamilton, Ont.,” the team writes. “The Ontario connection and the structure of the song were a great fit.”

Not bad. But I have already made my case at length for what I believe should be Toronto goal song from here through eternity—and no one else uses it as such.

15. Columbus Blue Jackets
“The Whip” by Locksley

Columbus: We’re more than just a cannon! We also blare Locksley! The Jackets are enjoying their fourth season with “The Whip,” and in 2011 they actually brought Locksley in to handle intermission entertainment and perform the song live when the home team scored. Very fun.

“It provides the fans with a rhythmic beat that they can clap to and a simple chorus that they can sing/hum to in unison,” says game ops director Derek Dawley. But let’s not forget who the star here is: “The element that does wind up the fans here in Columbus is, without a doubt, the cannon.”

Tomorrow: Songs No.14-1

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