Sportsnet NHL Insiders 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs Predictions

The Keeper of The Cup, Phil Pritchard joins Christine Simpson on the Big Picture to talk about being in the bubble to give the Stanley Cup to the Tampa Bay Lightning.

The 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs are upon us and in roughly two months will crown another champion. Will the Tampa Bay Lightning be able to repeat? Will we get a first-time winner? Will the Toronto Maple Leafs finally be able to win it for the first time since 1967?

We've assembled a panel of Sportsnet insiders to pick their winners in each first round series, identify who they think will reach the semifinal, who will win the Cup and which player will get the Conn Smythe.

Toronto vs. Montreal

Elliotte Friedman: Leafs in 6
Chris Johnston: Leafs in 6
Caroline Cameron: Leafs in 5
Jeff Marek: Leafs in 5
Jennifer Botterill: Leafs in 5
Eric Francis: Leafs in 5
Wayne Scanlan: Leafs in 5
Colby Armstrong: Leafs in 6
Mike Futa: Leafs in 5
Nick Alberga: Leafs in 6
Sarah Nurse: Leafs in 5
Gord Stellick: Leafs in 5
Ryan Dixon: Leafs in 6
Gene Principe: Leafs in 6
Luke Fox: Leafs in 5
Eric Engels: Leafs in 7
Mark Spector: Leafs in 6
Justin Bourne: Leafs in 5
Christine Simpson: Leafs in 5
Ken Wiebe: Leafs in 6
David Amber: Leafs in 6
Dan Murphy: Leafs in 5
Kyle Bukauskas: Leafs in 6

Edmonton vs. Winnipeg

Elliotte Friedman: Oilers in 6
Chris Johnston: Oilers in 5
Caroline Cameron: Oilers in 5
Jeff Marek: Jets in 6
Jennifer Botterill: Oilers in 6
Eric Francis: Oilers in 6
Wayne Scanlan: Oilers in 6
Colby Armstrong: Oilers in 6
Mike Futa: Oilers in 6
Nick Alberga: Jets in 7
Sarah Nurse: Oilers in 6
Gord Stellick: Jets in 6
Ryan Dixon: Oilers in 5
Gene Principe: Oilers in 6
Luke Fox: Oilers in 6
Eric Engels: Oilers in 5
Mark Spector: Oilers in 5
Justin Bourne: Jets in 7
Christine Simpson: Oilers in 5
Ken Wiebe: Jets in 7
David Amber: Oilers in 7
Dan Murphy: Oilers in 6
Kyle Bukauskas: Oilers in 5

Colorado vs. St. Louis

Elliotte Friedman: Avalanche in 7
Chris Johnston: Avalanche in 6
Caroline Cameron: Avalanche in 4
Jeff Marek: Avalanche in 4
Jennifer Botterill: Avalanche in 5
Eric Francis: Avalanche in 5
Wayne Scanlan: Avalanche in 6
Colby Armstrong: Avalanche in 6
Mike Futa: Avalanche in 5
Nick Alberga: Avalanche in 5
Sarah Nurse: Avalanche in 4
Gord Stellick: Avalanche in 6
Ryan Dixon: Avalanche in 5
Gene Principe: Avalanche in 6
Luke Fox: Avalanche in 5
Eric Engels: Avalanche in 6
Mark Spector: Avalanche in 5
Justin Bourne: Avalanche in 5
Christine Simpson: Avalanche in 5
Ken Wiebe: Avalanche in 5
David Amber: Avalanche in 6
Dan Murphy: Avalanche in 6
Kyle Bukauskas: Avalanche in 6

Vegas vs. Minnesota

Elliotte Friedman: Golden Knights in 7
Chris Johnston: Wild in 7
Caroline Cameron: Golden Knights in 5
Jeff Marek: Golden Knights in 7
Jennifer Botterill: Golden Knights in 7
Eric Francis: Golden Knights in 5
Wayne Scanlan: Golden Knights in 6
Colby Armstrong: Golden Knights in 6
Mike Futa: Golden Knights in 6
Nick Alberga: Golden Knights in 5
Sarah Nurse: Golden Knights in 5
Gord Stellick: Golden Knights in 5
Ryan Dixon: Golden Knights in 7
Gene Principe: Golden Knights in 6
Luke Fox: Golden Knights in 6
Eric Engels: Golden Knights in 7
Mark Spector: Wild in 7
Justin Bourne: Golden Knights in 5
Christine Simpson: Golden Knights in 5
Ken Wiebe: Golden Knights in 6
David Amber: Golden Knights in 5
Dan Murphy: Golden Knights in 7
Kyle Bukauskas: Golden Knights in 7

Pittsburgh vs. NY Islanders

Elliotte Friedman: Penguins in 7
Chris Johnston: Penguins in 6
Caroline Cameron: Penguins in 5
Jeff Marek: Islanders in 7
Jennifer Botterill: Islanders in 7
Eric Francis: Islanders in 7
Wayne Scanlan: Penguins in 6
Colby Armstrong: Penguins in 5
Mike Futa: Penguins in 5
Nick Alberga: Penguins in 6
Sarah Nurse: Penguins in 6
Gord Stellick: Penguins in 7
Ryan Dixon: Penguins in 7
Gene Principe: Penguins in 7
Luke Fox: Penguins in 6
Eric Engels: Islanders in 6
Mark Spector: Islanders in 7
Justin Bourne: Penguins in 6
Christine Simpson: Penguins in 6
Ken Wiebe: Penguins in 6
David Amber: Penguins in 6
Dan Murphy: Penguins in 7
Kyle Bukauskas: Penguins in 6

Washington vs. Boston

Elliotte Friedman: Capitals in 7
Chris Johnston: Bruins in 5
Caroline Cameron: Bruins in 7
Jeff Marek: Bruins in 5
Jennifer Botterill: Bruins in 6
Eric Francis: Capitals in 6
Wayne Scanlan: Bruins in 7
Colby Armstrong: Bruins in 7
Mike Futa: Capitals in 6
Nick Alberga: Bruins in 6
Sarah Nurse: Bruins in 7
Gord Stellick: Capitals in 6
Ryan Dixon: Bruins in 5
Gene Principe: Bruins in 7
Luke Fox: Bruins in 7
Eric Engels: Capitals in 7
Mark Spector: Bruins in 6
Justin Bourne: Bruins in 7
Christine Simpson: Capitals in 7
Ken Wiebe: Bruins in 7
David Amber: Capitals in 7
Dan Murphy: Bruins in 6
Kyle Bukauskas: Bruins in 7

Carolina vs. Nashville

Elliotte Friedman: Hurricanes in 6
Chris Johnston: Hurricanes in 4
Caroline Cameron: Hurricanes in 4
Jeff Marek: Hurricanes in 4
Jennifer Botterill: Hurricanes in 5
Eric Francis: Hurricanes in 5
Wayne Scanlan: Hurricanes in 6
Colby Armstrong: Hurricanes in 6
Mike Futa: Hurricanes in 5
Nick Alberga: Hurricanes in 4
Sarah Nurse: Hurricanes in 5
Gord Stellick: Hurricanes in 5
Ryan Dixon: Hurricanes in 5
Gene Principe: Hurricanes in 6
Luke Fox: Hurricanes in 4
Eric Engels: Hurricanes in 6
Mark Spector: Hurricanes in 5
Justin Bourne: Hurricanes in 4
Christine Simpson: Hurricanes in 6
Ken Wiebe: Hurricanes in 6
David Amber: Hurricanes in 5
Dan Murphy: Hurricanes in 5
Kyle Bukauskas: Hurricanes in 5

Tampa Bay vs. Florida

Elliotte Friedman: Lightning in 7
Chris Johnston: Lightning in 6
Caroline Cameron: Panthers in 7
Jeff Marek: Lightning in 7
Jennifer Botterill: Lightning in 5
Eric Francis: Lightning in 5
Wayne Scanlan: Lightning in 6
Colby Armstrong: Panthers in 7
Mike Futa: Lightning in 7
Nick Alberga: Lightning in 7
Sarah Nurse: Lightning in 7
Gord Stellick: Lightning in 6
Ryan Dixon: Lightning in 7
Gene Principe: Lightning in 7
Luke Fox: Lightning in 6
Eric Engels: Lightning in 6
Mark Spector: Panthers in 7
Justin Bourne: Lightning in 6
Christine Simpson: Lightning in 5
Ken Wiebe: Lightning in 6
David Amber: Lightning in 6
Dan Murphy: Lightning in 6
Kyle Bukauskas: Lightning in 6

Final Four Picks

Elliotte Friedman: Colorado, Tampa Bay, Toronto, Washington
Chris Johnston: Toronto, Boston, Carolina, Colorado
Caroline Cameron: Toronto, Colorado, Florida, Pittsburgh
Jeff Marek: Toronto, NY Islanders, Carolina, Colorado
Jennifer Botterill: Toronto, Boston, Tampa Bay, Colorado
Eric Francis: Edmonton, Washington, Tampa Bay, Colorado
Wayne Scanlan: Vegas, Toronto, Boston, Tampa Bay
Colby Armstrong: Vegas, Pittsburgh, Carolina, Toronto
Mike Futa: Vegas, Toronto, Pittsburgh, Carolina
Nick Alberga: Vegas, Carolina, Toronto, Pittsburgh
Sarah Nurse: Toronto, Colorado, Boston, Tampa Bay
Gord Stellick: Toronto, Washington, Carolina, Colorado
Ryan Dixon: Vegas, Boston, Carolina, Edmonton
Gene Principe: Edmonton, Vegas, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay
Luke Fox: Toronto, Tampa Bay, Colorado, Boston
Eric Engels: Toronto, Tampa Bay, Vegas, Washington
Mark Spector: Colorado, Carolina, Boston, Edmonton
Justin Bourne: Colorado, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, Toronto
Christine Simpson: Toronto, Washington, Tampa Bay, Vegas
Ken Wiebe: Vegas, Toronto, Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh
David Amber: Toronto, Pittsburgh, Vegas, Tampa Bay
Dan Murphy: Colorado, Boston, Carolina, Toronto
Kyle Bukauskas: Colorado, Toronto, Boston, Carolina

Stanley Cup Winner

Elliotte Friedman: Colorado
Chris Johnston: Carolina
Caroline Cameron: Colorado
Jeff Marek: Colorado
Jennifer Botterill: Colorado
Eric Francis: Colorado
Wayne Scanlan: Vegas
Colby Armstrong: Vegas
Mike Futa: Vegas
Nick Alberga: Vegas
Sarah Nurse: Colorado
Gord Stellick: Colorado
Ryan Dixon: Vegas
Gene Principe: Edmonton
Luke Fox: Colorado
Eric Engels: Tampa Bay
Mark Spector: Carolina
Justin Bourne: Colorado
Christine Simpson: Vegas
Ken Wiebe: Vegas
David Amber: Vegas
Dan Murphy: Colorado
Kyle Bukauskas: Colorado

Conn Smythe Winner

Elliotte Friedman: Nathan MacKinnon
Chris Johnston: Dougie Hamilton
Caroline Cameron: Nathan MacKinnon
Jeff Marek: Gabriel Landeskog
Jennifer Botterill: Cale Makar
Eric Francis: Mikko Rantanen
Wayne Scanlan: Mark Stone
Colby Armstrong: Mark Stone
Nick Alberga: Mark Stone
Sarah Nurse: Nathan MacKinnon
Gord Stellick: Nathan MacKinnon
Ryan Dixon: Mark Stone
Gene Principe: Connor McDavid
Luke Fox: Nathan MacKinnon
Eric Engels: Victor Hedman
Mark Spector: Alex Nedeljkovic
Justin Bourne: Nathan MacKinnon
Christine Simpson: Marc-Andre Fleury
Ken Wiebe: Mark Stone
David Amber: Mark Stone
Dan Murphy: Sam Girard
Kyle Bukauskas: Cale Makar

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