Sportsnet NHL Insiders Stanley Cup Playoffs Predictions

The Hockey Central at Noon panel discuss how they think the Eastern Conference will play out and the possibility of the Chicago Blackhawks and Washington Capitals meeting in the Stanley Cup Finals.

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are at hand and we’ve assembled a panel of Sportsnet NHL Insiders to take a shot at predicting the always unpredictable four-round tournament.

Our panelists have shared their picks for first-round winners, Eastern and Western Conference champions, the Conn Smythe Trophy and the Stanley Cup champion.


Montreal Canadiens (A1) vs. New York Rangers (WC1)
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John Shannon: Montreal in 6
Eric Engels: Montreal in 6
Christine Simpson: Montreal in 6
Luke Fox: New York in 6
Chris Johnston: Montreal in 6
Mark Spector: Montreal in 6
Gord Stellick: New York in 6
Jeff Marek: Montreal in 7
David Amber: Montreal in 7
Sean McIndoe: Montreal in 7
Daren Millard: Montreal in 6
Ryan Dixon: Montreal in 7
Eric Francis: New York in 6
Rory Boylen: Montreal in 7
Doug MacLean: Montreal in 6

Ottawa Senators (A2) vs. Boston Bruins (A3)
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John Shannon: Boston in 7
Eric Engels: Boston in 6
Christine Simpson: Ottawa in 7
Luke Fox: Boston in 6
Chris Johnston: Boston in 6
Mark Spector: Ottawa in 7
Gord Stellick Ottawa in 7
Jeff Marek: Boston in 6
David Amber: Ottawa in 6
Sean McIndoe: Boston in 6
Daren Millard: Ottawa in 7
Ryan Dixon: Ottawa in 6
Eric Francis: Boston in 7
Rory Boylen: Boston in 6
Doug MacLean: Ottawa in 6

Washington Capitals (M1) vs. Toronto Maple Leafs (WC2)
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John Shannon: Washington in 5
Eric Engels: Washington in 5
Christine Simpson: Washington in 5
Luke Fox: Washington in 5
Chris Johnston: Washington in 6
Mark Spector: Washington in 4
Gord Stellick: Washington in 5
Jeff Marek: Washington in 4
David Amber: Washington in 5
Sean McIndoe: Washington in 5
Daren Millard: Washington in 5
Ryan Dixon: Washington in 6
Eric Francis: Washington in 5
Rory Boylen: Washington in 5
Doug MacLean: Washington in 5

Pittsburgh Penguins (M2) vs. Columbus Blue Jackets (M3)
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John Shannon: Pittsburgh in 6
Eric Engels: Pittsburgh in 7
Christine Simpson: Pittsburgh in 5
Luke Fox: Pittsburgh in 5
Chris Johnston: Pittsburgh in 5
Mark Spector: Pittsburgh in 6
Gord Stellick: Columbus in 6
Jeff Marek: Pittsburgh in 6
David Amber: Pittsburgh in 7
Sean McIndoe: Pittsburgh in 6
Daren Millard: Pittsburgh in 7
Ryan Dixon: Pittsburgh in 7
Eric Francis: Pittsburgh in 7
Rory Boylen: Pittsburgh in 7
Doug MacLean: Pittsburgh in 6


Edmonton Oilers (P2) vs. San Jose Sharks (P3)
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John Shannon: Edmonton in 6
Eric Engels: Edmonton in 7
Christine Simpson: Edmonton in 7
Luke Fox: Edmonton in 7
Chris Johnston: Edmonton in 6
Mark Spector: Edmonton in 5
Gord Stellick: Edmonton in 7
Jeff Marek: San Jose in 6
David Amber: Edmonton in 5
Sean McIndoe: Edmonton in 5
Daren Millard: Edmonton in 6
Ryan Dixon: Edmonton in 5
Eric Francis: Edmonton in 6
Rory Boylen: Edmonton in 6
Doug MacLean: Edmonton in 7

Minnesota Wild (C2) vs. St. Louis Blues (C3)
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John Shannon: St. Louis in 6
Eric Engels: Minnesota in 7
Christine Simpson: St. Louis in 5
Luke Fox: Minnesota in 7
Chris Johnston: Minnesota in 6
Mark Spector: Minnesota in 7
Gord Stellick: Minnesota in 6
Jeff Marek: Minnesota in 7
David Amber: Minnesota in 6
Sean McIndoe: Minnesota in 5
Daren Millard: Minnesota in 6
Ryan Dixon: Minnesota in 7
Eric Francis: Minnesota in 6
Rory Boylen: St. Louis in 5
Doug MacLean: St. Louis in 7

Calgary Flames (WC1) vs. Anaheim Ducks (P1)
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John Shannon: Anaheim in 7
Eric Engels: Calgary in 7
Christine Simpson: Anaheim in 6
Luke Fox: Anaheim in 5
Chris Johnston: Anaheim in 7
Mark Spector: Anaheim in 5
Gord Stellick: Calgary in 6
Jeff Marek: Anaheim in 5
David Amber: Calgary in 6
Sean McIndoe: Anaheim in 7
Daren Millard: Calgary in 6
Ryan Dixon: Anaheim in 6
Eric Francis: Anaheim in 6
Rory Boylen: Anaheim in 5
Doug MacLean: Anaheim in 6

Nashville Predators (WC2) vs. Chicago Blackhawks (C1)
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John Shannon: Chicago in 6
Eric Engels: Chicago in 7
Christine Simpson: Chicago in 5
Luke Fox: Chicago in 6
Chris Johnston: Chicago in 7
Mark Spector: Chicago in 5
Gord Stellick: Chicago in 7
Jeff Marek: Nashville in 6
David Amber: Chicago in 7
Sean McIndoe: Chicago in 7
Daren Millard: Chicago in 6
Ryan Dixon: Chicago in 5
Eric Francis: Chicago in 6
Rory Boylen: Chicago in 6
Doug MacLean: Chicago in 6

East Champ West Champ Conn Smythe Cup Winner
John Shannon Pittsburgh Chicago Toews Chicago
Eric Engels Montreal Chicago Price Chicago
Christine Simpson Washington Chicago Ovechkin Washington
Luke Fox Washington Chicago Holtby Washington
Chris Johnston Washington Anaheim Backstrom Washington
Mark Spector Pittsburgh Chicago Keith Pittsburgh
Gord Stellick Washington Calgary Ovechkin Washington
Jeff Marek Washington Nashville Arvidsson Nashville
David Amber Washington Calgary Holtby Washington
Sean McIndoe Washington Chicago Backstrom Washington
Daren Millard Washington Chicago Holtby Washington
Ryan Dixon Washington Chicago Holtby Washington
Eric Francis Washington Anaheim Backstrom Washington
Rory Boylen Boston Chicago Crawford Chicago
Doug MacLean Washington Chicago Holtby Washington

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